Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I have been itching a lot lately and I couldn't find out what it was. I decided to go to WebMD and search my symptoms. I have Shingles!!! Ewwww! It's a form of Chicken Pox that is triggered by stress or sickness, in my case both. So I went to the hospital after finding out that it could shut down my nervous system if I don't get it taken care of. I found out that since I am young and have a mild case, I should be ok. I am past the 48 hour period so I couldn't get a shot so all we can do is treat the symptoms. So he gave me 4 medications and sent me on my way. It should take a couple of weeks until I a start to get better. Until then, Josh has to sleep in the guest room and I can't touch anyone. It's like I have cooties!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oregon Coast Vacation

Our trip to the Oregon Coast was amazing. We had so much fun at the ocean. It was beautiful!!

A beautiful rock in the ocean created a beautiful view.

Josh at the Aquarium. He looks like a little kid.

Us at the largest lighthouse on the coast. Beautiful!

The rollin' waves.

The lighthouse again.

One of the many pretty bridges we saw on our trip.

Us at the Maritime Museum in Astoria.

Us on the beach in Seaside, OR.

The Tillamook Air museum in Tillamook, OR. It can hold 8 blimps or 6 football games (at once)!!