Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally Getting TV!!

Woooh Whoooo! Finally getting TV! Josh and I have been in the house since December. We decided to wait and see how our bills look and get used to paying a mortgage before we decided to get TV. We talked it over and decided it was time. We went for satellite, it's the cheaper way to go these days. The Dish people will be out tomorrow morning to set everything up!! YAY!! no more rabbit ears! I can get American Idol in without blocking the front door! hehehe


I have been wanting a bike for a while now. I started looking on Craigslist thinking that a new bike would cost a bunch of $$. I found the type of bike I wanted but used ones on Craigslist were about $40 (average) and they still needed a bunch of work. So I went to Walmart and Target and found the same bike I have been looking at. Target was spendy but Walmart was really reasonable.

I picked up this bike for $80 (with 1 year protection plan).

I have been on a bike ride for the past two days. I met up with Josh's mom, Kim, today for nice stroll through the neighborhoods between our houses. It was really nice. We are planning to do this during the week. Its a good excuse to get out and enjoy the weather and we don't even realize we are working out.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Plans

I can't believe the wedding is 4 months away!! I have been buckling down and doing more wedding plans lately.

I finally booked a DJ for the reception, and a decent price actually. So we have the reception hall booked and the DJ booked, both REALLY important. I think we will be catering the reception.

Also, I have bought most of the reception decorations and still have a couple more to get, like small lights (slightly larger than Christmas lights) to hang around the reception hall and I need to rent the linens and punch bowl for the reception as well.

Josh has asked his brothers and best man, Josh, to be in the wedding, finally. So that is out the of the way and they can start focusing on their outfits (which is really simple anyway). Both sides of the family booked their places to stay on the Oregon Coast and are looking for their outfits as well.

This is something that Josh's mom pointed out to me. Since we are all going barefoot, she thought this would be a great way to dress up our feet. I really liked the idea. We are looking into how to makes these ourselves. I loved the idea!!

I went dress shopping with my sister this week, finally, and had horrible experiences. The first place that I went to the lady pressured me and wasn't really helpful at all. Then I went to David's Bridal, had a good experience until they let me fall in love with THE dress and then told me after I picked out accessories and veil, that the dress didn't come in my size!!! I was SO mad!! I hate this!! So I am still dress shopping and pulling all the final details together.

This is the dress I fell in love with! It's MUCH prettier on!

I will be writing up the invitations soon and putting them together and sending them out next month. That is my next big project. Still a lot to do and only 4 months left!!

Afternoon in the Park

I was babysitting Amelia this past weekend and so me and my sister decided to take her and Michael to Howard Amon park for a few hours. They had a blast.

Michael didn't want to go on the little kid swing, but would only swing on the BIG kid swing. He loved it.Weeeeeee!!!

I had to pry Amelia away from the swing to play on something else. She LOVES swings and had a blast!!

They had big fish for kids to play on in the playground... not sure why but the kids seemed to like them. hehe
After prying her away from the swings, she wanted to climb this rock, and of course she wanted to climb the biggest one! I helped her up when she got stuck (she was scared at first but once she was up, she was on top of the world!).
By the end of the day Michael and Amelia we inseperable. They were laughing and playing together in the park and in the car. It was very cute! Such a nice day to spend with the kids.

It's Been Awhile

Wow! It's been awhile since I have been on here. A lot has happened since my last post. We moved into the house, and worked really hard to get everything settled into our new home. We had a house warming party and just settling into our new location.

Michael turned 2! Of course he has a Spounge Bob themed Birthday Party with all of his friends and family there to celebrate.

Jessi came home before leaving overseas. Also, Rick turned 50 and we had his 50th Birthday Party at our place.

Jessi left for Afganistan and Amelia is staying with Rick and Kim for the summer until her dad returns late summer early fall. We will miss Jessi, this time we don't have as much communication with her, so it will be harder than any other time she has gone. I pray that this time will be quick and God will bring her home safe.We'll miss you Jessi!!