Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter With Michael

We went to my mom's house for Easter. Cassie and mom set up and egg hunt for Michael.

Time to hunt for Eggs!

ADD kicked in and he wanted to play in his truck instead.

Grandma helping Michael find eggs.

Oooo! An egg!

He made it about half way around the house and then we had to pick up the rest of the eggs. Hehe

Great stash of eggs. Below is all the hard boiled eggs, minus grandpas, cuz Michael threw it at him. Hehe
Michael blowing bubbles with mom.

Oh my gosh!! SO EXCITING! BUBBLES!!!

Dress Shopping Was a Success!!

Last week I went dress shopping in Spokane with my mom and my sister.

The first store we went to was horrible, the lady was a b***h! She refused to help. She kept telling us that I "wouldn't fit in the dressse" or "it couldn't be ordered in time" and kept putting dresses back. All the dresses she pulled for me to try on wouldn't fit and the dresses she claimed I couldn't fit in, zipped right up and fit perfectly. It was such a horrible experience I was in tears while trying on dresses and was NOT having fun. My mom, finally, spoke to someone and the gal was pulled from "helping" us.

We went to a designer's dress store and found a beautiful dress, unfortunately it was a size 6 and I couldn't try it on. But they had a dress from the same designer on the rack in my size that had the same shape and everything, just not the lace design that I was attracted to. So we tried it on and it fit PERFECT and we held up the dress that I like and it was BEAUTIFUL. It was definitely THE dress.

Just to make sure it was THE dress, we went back to David's Bridal and tried on the dresses that I liked and a few more to see if I was making the right choice. After about an hour there, I felt, in my heart, I had made the right choice.

I spoke with the designer the next day and we had to rush order the dress, but fortunately they cut the rush fee in half for me.

I am making payments and once it is paid off they will ship me my dress, which will be ready by the end of May. I'm SO excited!!

The Front of the dress. I love how its just long enough for a beach wedding.

The back. It laces up.

Close up of the bodice. See how it is a sweetheart shape at the top.

The pretty design of the dress, the sparkle and the lace. LOVE IT!!